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Aerpro APS332 Speaker spacer to suit Toyota

Brands: Aerpro
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Aerpro APS335 Speaker spacer to suit Toyota
Vehicles known to work with this product:
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=328415Toyota Camry 2002-2006
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=328432Toyota Camry 2006-2011
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=328447Toyota Corolla 2002-2007
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=329732Toyota Corolla 2007-2011
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=329750Toyota Yaris (Vitz) 2005-2011
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=329763Toyota Yaris 2011-2013
data-gtm-vis-recent-on-screen-44407829_9=329781Toyota Blade 2006-2011

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