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Alpine PWE-S8 Compact Powered 8" Subwoofer With BSX210 Amp Install Kit

Brands: Alpine
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The compact PWE-S8 amplified subwoofer system lets you add deep, accurate bass to your sound system without taking up much space in your vehicleSmall Footprint With A Strong PresenceWith the PWE-S8, the high-excursion 8-inch subwoofer and 120W gives strong bass output.More Bass, Less SpaceWith a shallow mount, the PWE-S8 is just 3-inches deep (at deepest point), 13.5-inches wide and 9-inches tall - completely application ready. This compact subwoofer system works well under or behind the seat of a pickup truck, in a sedan trunk, or in the hatch of an SUV.

Not Just Small And Strong, But Also Durable

The PWE-S8 Compact Subwoofer was designed in a cast metal construction for ultimate durability and performance.Accessibility Catered To YouThe side panel offers easy access to RCA and auto-sensing speaker inputs. The side panel also gives access to Phase, Gain, LP Crossover and Remote Sub Level controls for greater flexibility during installation.

The stylish all-new PWE-S8 lets you add deep, accurate bass to your system without taking up any valuable
space in your car. Despite it’s ultra-compact size coming in at 340mm wide, 230mm tall and just 75mm deep,
the high-excursion 8-inch subwoofer gives a strong 120W RMS of bass output.
This compact subwoofer is designed to work well virtually anywhere in a vehicle, even under a seat. Plus, it’s cast metal construction makes
it ultra durable without sacrifi cing any performance. Moreover, you’ll also fi nd an input for a wired remote that
lets you adjust your bass level easily from the driver’s seat.
The side panel off ers easy access to RCA and auto-sensing speaker
inputs. The side panel also gives access to Phase, Gain, LP Crossover
and Remote Sub Level controls for greater fl exibility during installation
Specifi cations
• Compact Powered Subwoofer
• Built-In Amplifi er (120W RMS/240W MAX)
• 8” Subwoofer with High-Excursion Cone
• Durable Cast Metal Construction
• Dimensions: 340mm W x 230mm H x 75mm D
• Weight: 4.6kg
• Frequency Response: 25 ~ 152Hz
• Variable Low-Pass Crossover: 80 ~ 200 Hz
• Variable Phase Control: 0°/180°
• RCA (0.1-4V) / Speaker Input (1.5-30V Auto)
• Mounting Hardware Included
• Remote Bass Level Knob Included

BSX210 Bassix 10ga 2-channel amp install kit

Aerpro Bassix: Represents the perfect balance between performance and value. The BSX210 10GA 2-channel Amp Install Wiring Kit can deliver up to , packed full of installation essentials, can handle serious power and includes top-quality components to improve your amplifier’s performance to the fullest. Relays power of up to 350W, BSX210 includes everything you need to install a 2-channel or monoblock amplifier into your vehicle. The kit includes 5.5-metre 10GA power cable, 0.8-metre 10GA Earth cable, 5-metre 20GA trigger cable, 30A fuse and fuse holder, 2-channel 5-metre RCAs, cable ties and fitting terminals.

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