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Alpine Status HDZ-65 Hi-Res 6.5” Coaxial Speakers

Brands: Alpine Status
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For the audiophile that’s looking to build an ideal sound system, Alpine Status offers a wide range of Hi-Res Audio enabled speakers. The HDZ-65 Coaxial 2-Way speakers with a high-resolution bandwidth of 55Hz – 40kHz includes 170mm door woofers with an integrated 40mm Slim-Fit tweeters.All speaker cones are made from the same Carbon Composite material to create a unified timbre identity during playback. They get very close to the AlpineF#1Status speakers look and feel, using a very similar constructing and motor assembly, as well as the identical build-materials for highest sound quality.HDZ-65_2-Way.jpgCoaxial 2-Way Speaker SystemDrawing from AlpineF#1Status trickle-down technology and materials, these Hi-Res Audio certified speakers deliver highest audiophile sound quality up to 40kHz in your vehicle. The 2-way coaxial system consists of 170mm door woofers with integrated 40mm tweeters.HDZ-65_Carbon-Fibre-Cone_2.jpgCarbon Fiber ConesAll speakers in this set (as well as the HDZ-110 Alpine Status subwoofer) use backed carbon composite cones to achieve a fully unified timbre identity – resulting in excellent harmonics. Carbon is very lightweight and stiff, resulting in high dynamics and low distortion. Backed carbon composite technology is also used in race-car monocoques for its light weight and high crash resistance.HDZ-653_Speaker_Edge.jpgDouble-Gathered EdgeYet another trickle-down technology from the AlpineF#1Status speakers: the double-gathered edge allows maximum cone excursion with excellent cone control and stability. This reduces sound distortion caused by cone wobble at higher volume levels.HDZ-65_Tweeter.jpg40mm TweeterThe integrated 40mm Hi-Res Audio tweeters sound simply amazing and play up to 40kHz. They include an integrated wave-guide, tuned-back chamber and a powerful neodymium magnet. 

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