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Audison AVQUATTRO 4 Channel Amplifier

Brands: Audison
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AV quattro is a four-channel amplifier which can work in four, three, two channel mode, delivering 1700 W (RMS) power total.   
Designed to handle complex configurations as front/rear and multi-channel systems. AMP (Amplifier Management Processor) constantly checks the operating status system and communicates with the user through 4 different coloured LEDs, located on the top panel; ART (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) allows automatic turn-on/off when a remote signal isn’t available from the source; up to 24 dB/Oct. slope crossovers allow to build front-rear, front-sub or multi-amplified systems while still ensuring a non-filtered output signal to expand the system. 

Power Output

Load Imp.4 Channels3 Channels2 Channels
4 Ohm120 W x 4120 W x 2 + 400 W x 1400 W x 2
4/2 Ohm120 W x 2 + 200 W x 2--
2/4 Ohm-200 W x 2 + 400 W x 1-
2 Ohm200 W x 4-

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