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Ironman4x4 Slide-Away

Brands: Ironman 4x4
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Ironman 4×4’s Slide-Away brings all the best practicalities together with an electronically opening and closing, secure and weatherproof Ute lid.

  • Infinite open positions
  • Secure in conjunction with a locked tailgate
  • Single finger operation!
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-pinch safety sense (to keep your fingers)

Operated at the click of a compact keyring fob, the Slide-Away quietly opens (or closes) in just 10 seconds and can be stopped at infinite intervals to accommodate a partially open/closed state.


The Ironman 4×4 Slide-Away electronic roll-top tonneau is constructed of interlocking aluminium slats which makes them almost impenetrable, be it to foreign objects or thieves. With the tailgate locked and the Slide-Away fully closed, the ute tub becomes secure thanks to the self-locking, clutched, and geared electronic roller mechanism.The remote control is also highly secure, using the same level of encryption used for secure garage and gate entry systems.  Billions of code combinations are cycled through randomly with each press, and the multi-frequency transmission system is interference proof.


An important aspect of any hardlid is the confidence that your ute tub won’t end up full of water after a downpour.  Thanks to some clever design work, the Slide-Away features integrated plumbing lines that drawer water from the surface and returns it down under the tub to the road’s surface.


The Slide-Away also includes an integrated LED strip light, which is both controlled from the remote key fob and has three brightness settings perfect for finding all your gear at any time of day.

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