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Stinger SPXM1 Marine Media Player & Stinger SwitchHUB 4 Channel Solid State Relay

Brands: Stinger Aus
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Stinger SPXM1

The Stinger SPXM1 features a 2.7-inch full-color display and LED-backlit buttons for viewing in all lighting situations including while wearing polarized sunglasses. Whether your off-shore fishing or off-roading.

Stinger’s SPXM1 is engineered to last with an IPX6-rated optical bonded front panel and conformal-coated circuit board allowing it to withstand those harsh outdoor elements.

Audio Expandability

The SPXM1 both front and selectable rear/subwoofer RCA outputs for easy connection to Powersport amplifiers whether your wanting to run multiple speakers and/or a subwoofer.

Easily tweak the sound to your liking using the onboard 7 band EQ (with upto eight presets) and inbuilt high and low pass filters to suit your music tastes and installation and subwoofer-level control, your able to adjust the bass level (if fitted).

Not using external amplifiers? the SPXM1’s built-in high-power 45 x 4 amplifier will allow up to 4 speakers to be connected to enjoy your tunes/

Connectivity Plus

Packed with audio sources including:

  • Global AM/FM/weather-tuner (can tune odd and even-numbered stations throughout the world!)
  • USB input for MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC files
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Wired AUX RCA input

Increase your vehicle safety with the included RCA camera input, selectable from the main menu.

Keep and eye on your battery voltage with the easy access voltage gauge with low voltage alert.

Your Command Centre

Make the SPXM1 is your new command center. Compatible with the optional Stinger SwitchHUB (SPXSH440, available separately) you are capable of controlling up to 4 devices (100A total load).

Control external devices like lighting, amplifiers, pumps, compressors and more.

For quick and easy access to those controls, SPXM1 uses a dedicated switch panel button, so the onboard display shows all four devices’ statuses at once.

With the optional SPXR2 marine grade controller, you can remotely control your music from the press of a button (available separately).

SPXM1 becomes an ALL-IN-ONE Digital Media and Control Center, keeping things clean and clutter-free.

Multiple Mounting Options

With 3″ mounting design, the SPXM1 can be easily mounted into many boats or ATVs in place of many factory fitted marine units or can be installed by simply cutting a 3″ hole.

For vehicles with larger factory radio, optional accessories SEADASH3W / SEADASH3B are available for clean mounting option.

The Stinger SPXM1 includes the following:

  • Source Unit
  • Source Unit Trim Plate
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Screws
  • Threaded Studs
  • Flange Nuts
  • Power / Speaker Harness

Stinger SwitchHUB

Simplify your installation with the Stinger SWITCHHUB (SPXSH440) solid state relay.

Replace up to 4 typical mechanical relays with one easy to wire solid state relay block saving on extra wiring, additional harnesses and not to mention, a better connection.

Solid state relays operate silently and produce very little interference vs conventional mechanical relays which can also fail after excessive use.


Direct Control Where You Need It

Each output of the Stinger SWITCHHUB (SPXSH440) features thermal overload and short circuit protection offering superior protection of your connected equipment.

With built-in LED indicators, you can easily see thermal overload, active/inactive devices.

Each relay channel can be controlled via negative low current or positive low current input.

switchhub-4-channel-100-amp-solid-state-relay-631953_800x.jpgMade for Stinger SPXDesigned for use with the Stinger SPXM1 2.7″ Powersports media centre for direct remote control of devices from the headunit itself.spxm1-marine-powersports-media-player-with-switch-command-coming-soon-769842_2048x-662x440x0x59x662x321x1645676886.jpg

High Amperage Control

With its solid-state design, the Stinger SWITCHHUB (SPXSH440) offers multiple power outputs eliminating the clutter of multiple high current replays and accompanying wiring.



  • 1x 40 Amp Terminal
  • 3x 20 Amp Terminals

For a total of 100 Amp continuous output.

Each Stinger SPXSH440 Includes

  • 1x SPXSH440 Relay Bank
  • 1x Quick Start Guide


  • 1x 40 Amp Output
  • 3x 20 Amp Output
  • 4x Negative Trigger Inputs
  • 4x Positive Trigger Inputs
  • Active/Inactive Status LEDs
  • Thermal / Short circuit Status LEDs
  • Precision Grub Screw Terminals
  • IPX6 Rated Construction
  • Off-Road Ready
  • Marine Grade


  1. Negative OR positive trigger per channel. Cannot be used at same time.

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